Key Issues

  • Fair & Affordable Housing
  • Marijuana Decriminalization
  • Protecting Public Schools
  • Police Accountability
  • Preserving our Environment
  • Defending Equality for all People
  • Investing in the Arts
  • Breakfast & Lunch for Students
  • Expanding MARTA
  • 2-Year College for High School Grads
  • Fighting Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS Crisis
  • Supporting a Living Wage
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Economic Justice

Here’s the truth: right now, too many working folks are unable to make ends meet, no matter how tight they pinch their pennies, or how many coupons they clip. That’s unacceptable. If you work hard, you should be able to pay your bills. It’s just that simple.

That’s why I support a living wage — $15 an hour — for all workers in Atlanta, and I refuse to settle for less. It is not only immoral, but also bad for the economy when we don’t provide our workers with enough income to survive and thrive.

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Through my work as a career educator, I have witnessed firsthand the shortfalls in our current education system — that’s one reason I was inspired to run for office in the first place. But I know that when progressives fight for public education, we can win. One of the few bright spots in 2016 was defeating Amendment One in Georgia — an anti-public school initiative crafted by the GOP to profit off of the most vulnerable students in our schools. It was an honor to work alongside so many of you in that fight, and I am so proud of that victory — but there’s so much left for us to do.

I am sick and tired of the for-profit charter school corporations that care more about their revenue than a child’s ability to read. What we need instead is a k-12 public school experience that ensures that every child is not only taken care of at school, but also has the resources they need to succeed outside of the classroom — we need community schools. Our schools should provide clinics, three meals a day, after school care, and tutoring to children of struggling families. And if elected to be your next Mayor, I will continue that fight on the city level. When our students don’t have to worry about getting their next meal, seeing a doctor when they’re sick, or having someone to help them with their homework, they will be able to fulfill their true potential.

But access to education should not end the day a child graduates high school. That’s why I have proposed providing two year college for all students in Atlanta, tuition free. I believe that by providing a solid foundation of education, our children will be able to put an end to the cycle of poverty that so many families in this city have struggled to escape for far too long.

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Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Reform

I have dedicated a tremendous amount of time during my 21 years in the Georgia Senate to criminal justice reform, and hope to continue that fight as your next Mayor of Atlanta.

I have fought for police body cameras and to restrict “no knock warrants,” as well as to require special prosecutors for cases in which a police officer is charged with a felony or an act of violence. The goal is to not only help to protect private citizens in cases of police altercations for minor offenses, but also to help restore trust in our law enforcement. I also worked to put an end to our state’s Stand Your Ground law, a law that has all too often been used in an attempt to justify unnecessary deadly force.

I am a strong opponent of police militarization, because I believe that our streets should not be war zones. A militarized police does not make us safer — it only works to further damage the trust between our law enforcement and private citizens, and costs a whole lot of money in the process.

But we don’t just need reform in our law enforcement — we need reform in our laws too. I believe it is unacceptable that in the civil rights capital of the world, we are losing a generation of young people of color to arrests for possession of marijuana. I believe it is repugnant that Fulton County, once known for leading the fight for racial justice, now has one of the highest instance of racial disparities for these arrests in the country. I believe it is immoral and unethical for this city to spend our tax dollars locking kids up instead of lifting them out of this vicious cycle of poverty. And I believe that is it no coincidence that a WSB-TV report last year that found 93 percent of Atlanta’s marijuana possession arrests were African-Americans.

According to the ACLU, marijuana arrests costs Georgians an estimated $310 million in tax dollars every year. But that’s not the only price we pay. The mass incarceration of people of color for marijuana is the entry point to the revolving door of the prison pipeline that ruins not only one life, but entire generations of families forever. These are bright young people we’re locking away, these are folks with real potential that we are labeling as “criminals” for life.

As your Mayor, I hope to continue these fights to make Atlanta a safer place for all of us.

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For centuries, our nation’s promise that we are all created equal has gone unfulfilled. I believe in an Atlanta where we judge people by the content of their character, and nothing else.

That’s why I support equal protections for all under the law, no matter your race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, age, class, or ability.


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