Why I’m Running

A child born today at Grady Hospital in Atlanta has less of a chance of moving out of poverty than almost anywhere in the United States. Atlanta is the civil rights capital of the world–we owe a level playing field to its citizens.

I’m running for Mayor because City Hall has lost its way. Together, we can transform Atlanta to a place where everyone has a chance to make the most of their human potential.

Key Issues


Past Victories: I spearheaded the coalition to stop the expansion of Live Oak Landfill into southside neighborhoods, the largest environmental justice victories in Atlanta’s modern history. And when I was elected to State Senate, I ensured the state shut the…

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Past Victories   Nearly two decades ago, I was arrested at Grady Hospital here in Atlanta for protesting a dramatic copay increase due to a funding gap — one we were able to stop with the power of civil disobedience….

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Past Victories:   I wrote and passed the strongest anti-predatory mortgage lending law in the nation, a policy so sound that the big banks threw temper tantrums for a whole year before it was gutted by the GOP. This was…

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Latest News

There is only one candidate, State Senator Vincent Fort (D-District 39), that is both an outsider to city policy and yet has been a voice and legislator for the soon-to-be-displaced working class and black constituents of this city. Senator Fort…

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Former State Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) is a powerful orator and force for progressive social change, who has been on the right side of nearly every issue of Atlanta politics, Georgia politics, and even national politics for as long as…

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“The big shots and billionaires have enough politicians looking out for them. Regular folks need someone to fight for us.” – Governor Roy Barnes Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes has endorsed Vincent to be the next Mayor of Atlanta. Governor Barnes knows…

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  • Still plenty of time to get to the polls today! Get in line by 8pm and you're good! Let's make sure Atlanta works for the Many, not the few! #FortForAtlanta
  • Grateful to have some of the most passionate volunteers. We're hungry for change and today we have an opportunity to usher in a new day for Atlanta! Can we count on your support? #FortForAtlanta #Fortifyatlanta

This election might be won by a couple dozen votes. To win we NEED YOUR HELP! It's CRITICAL that you vote FORT today, and get your friends to vote too! Text or call everyone you can to remind them to vote, try to carpool and give your friends rides to the polls. Call your parents, your cousins, your neighbors. It may seem like an inconvenience but what you do today will change Atlanta's history FOREVER. Check your polling place at http://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/. #Fortifyatlanta #fortforatlanta  #MayTheFortBeWithYou
  • It's the most exciting day in America: Election Day. I've been waiting at my voting precinct since 5 am so I could be first in line. Get out and vote Atlanta! Its time for a progressive City Hall #FortforAtlanta
  • Join us tomorrow at CWA local 3204 279 logan st for our Election night watch party! Join us after the polls close! #fortforatlanta
  • Too many people are having their lives determined for them by their Zipcode. The average life expectancy in Bankhead is lower than in Libya, Venezuela, and Iran. Poverty in parts of Atlanta is staggering: We've got to do something about that.

We can no longer allow a person's Zipcode to determine ther future. No matter where they are born or how much their parents make, I believe every single child in Atlanta deserves quality healthcare, the opportunity to go to college, and a decent job with a living wage. That's what this campaign is about. If you want to see an Atlanta that works for everyone, vote FORT this Tuesday. #fortforatlanta #Fortifyatlanta #MayTheFortBeWithYou
  • You can tell a lot about who a candidate is truly accountable to by where they get their campaign donations from. I'm proud to say this campaign has received far more individual contributions than any other candidate for Mayor. The next candidate doesn't even have a fifth of the donors we do. This is proof of what we've been saying all along: We're running the People's campaign. No other candidate will represent the interests of everyday Atlantans like I will. #fortforatlanta
  • The way candidates behave on the camapign trail is important. I would never use tax payer $$$ inappropriately and I encourage other candidates to return tax payer dollars they used inappropriately for their campaign. #fortforatlanta
  • Thank you Pallookaville for displaying #MayTheFortBeWithYou  sign on their foodtruck at #ChompNStomp ! Make sure to show then some love!
  • I was talking to an African-American cop who said to me: "Senator Fort, you know that in Buckhead, they don't stop cars and put people's faces in the concrete and call the drug dogs, but they do it in Southwest Atlanta." That's the reality. It's got to stop. The Black Lives Matter movement is critical to holding police accountable, because no one is safe when the police don't think anybody is watching.

When I'm Mayor, we're going to hold the police accountable. We're going to give teeth to the civilian review board. We're going to implement community policing and make sure that police are invested in protecting the community instead of being an outside occupying force. #Fortifyatlanta  #FortForAtlanta

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