Past Victories:


  • He has been at the forefront of the effort to reform policing and make our neighborhoods truly safe, with real community policing programs that bring police and communities together and build the partnership between officers and citizens to fight Atlanta’s growing gang problem


Current Stance:

  • Marijuana Decriminalization

    • I was committed to marijuana decriminalization long before my opponents jumped on board because I am committed to stopping the mass incarceration of black and brown communities. I believe it is unacceptable that in the civil rights capital of the world, we are losing a generation of young people of color to arrests for possession of marijuana. I believe it is repugnant that Fulton County, once known for leading the fight for racial justice, now has one of the highest instance of racial disparities for these arrests in the country. I believe it is immoral and unethical for this city to spend our tax dollars locking kids up instead of lifting them out of this vicious cycle of poverty. And I believe that is it no coincidence that a WSB-TV report last year found that 93 percent of Atlanta’s marijuana possession arrests were of African-Americans.

    • According to the ACLU, marijuana arrests costs Georgians an estimated $310 million in tax dollars every year. But that’s not the only price we pay. The mass incarceration of people of color for marijuana is the entry point to the revolving door of the prison pipeline that ruins not only one life, but entire generations of families forever. These are bright young people we’re locking away, these are folks with real potential that we are labeling as “criminals” for life. That’s why I plan to decriminalize marijuana if elected Mayor — because we must put an end to this madness.

  • Police Accountability

    • Decriminalize marijuana to stop ruining the lives of our young people with unnecessary arrests and allow our police officers to focus on fighting violent crime, including Atlanta’s growing gang problem.