Past Victories:


  • I wrote and passed the strongest anti-predatory mortgage lending law in the nation, a policy so sound that the big banks threw temper tantrums for a whole year before it was gutted by the GOP. This was in 2002, years before predatory mortgage lending launched our nation into a recession.


Current Stance:


  • My top priority as Mayor will be to stop the gentrification of the city. Those policies include increased funding for affordable housing; revised definition of affordable housing; inclusionary zoning; reassessment of development tax incentives; restructuring of city’s development policies and agencies. This will also include examining impediments to maintenance of neighborhoods in Atlanta and solutions used by other cities, both legal and advocacy, to hold those private entities accountable.

  • Revive Atlanta’s program to help seniors maintain their homes so they can age in place in safety and dignity.


  • Community Benefits Agreements
  • The Beltline is the fastest gentrifying agent in this city. I like greenspace as much as any Atlantan, but I like my greenspace served up with justice. One of my top priorities as mayor will be to ensure that the beltline is held accountable on its commitments to affordable housing. There is no excuse for the way the beltline project–one of the most rapid gentrification forces in this city–got bailed out at the expense of Atlanta Public Schools students.