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Contact: Jeff DiSantis, Fort for Atlanta

Sanders’ Endorsed Candidate Vincent Fort for Mayor Leads Progressive Fight In Atlanta

(Atlanta, June 22, 2017) State Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), the leading progressive candidate for Mayor of Atlanta, announced today the support of nearly two dozen local and state labor organizations. These organizations join Senator Bernie Sanders and his national political organization, Our Revolution, former Governor Roy Barnes and Georgia Senate Democratic Leader Steve Henson in supporting Senator Fort’s effort to bring to Atlanta City Hall a focus on regular people and the neighborhoods they live in, rather than just the megaprojects and sports team billionaires that have gotten the attention of the current Mayor and City Council.

“I’m honored to build on the early support from Senator Bernie Sanders and former Governor Roy Barnes by bringing together so much of Georgia’s labor movement. We have unions representing the building trades, government employees, and workers at companies and agencies like AT&T, UPS, and MARTA,” said Fort. “At a time when the national press wants to debate whether progressives can unite to achieve real changes in public policy, we are proving that a focus on the needs of working families – things like bringing better jobs that pay a livable wage, better public schools, and community policing reforms that bring real improvements in public safety – can create a movement that can win and make real improvements in people’s lives,” he continued.

Fort is endorsed by the following Atlanta area union locals:

Teamsters (3 locals)
Communications Workers of America (2 locals)
Laborers International Union
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (2 locals)
Georgia Federation of Teachers
Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers
United Auto Workers (3 locals)
International Union of Operating Engineers
American Postal Workers Union
National Postal Mail Handlers
Union Georgia State Building Trades Council
American Federation of Government Employees (3 locals)
North Georgia Building Trades Council
Amalgamated Transit Union (2 locals)

Senator Fort made nationwide news when he became Senator Bernie Sander’s highest ranking African American elected official from the South to endorse his Presidential bid. Sanders said “One of the ways we effectively oppose Trump’s right-wing extremism is with strong and progressive leadership at the local and state level. One of those leaders is Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort.” Fort’s progressive record, along with his campaign platform that includes decriminalization of marijuana, providing tuition – free two-year college, implementing community schools, and embracing community policing policies, has set the debate for the 2017 race. The progressive community in Atlanta has taken notice. “Look, I’m not just another rapper wanting to legalize marijuana because I enjoy smoking it – this is MUCH MORE SERIOUS than that,” Fort supporter Killer Mike, Atlanta based activist and artist, said in an email sent on 4.20. “The history of marijuana prohibition in the United States is one rooted in the deliberate criminalization of young people of color. And in our own home of Atlanta, the civil rights capital of the world, this injustice rages on to this day.”

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